Spicy Masala Chai


A typical masala chai from the North West state of Gujarat, this is a lively blend of Assam black tea with cardamom, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon.

Available in 50g and 100g

As you drive down the Old Daman road, the city landscape gives way to coastal towns and the sweet, refreshing water of the land turns brackish. For over 200 years, the residents of Gujarat have learned to balance nature’s shortfall with culinary ingenuity. The chai they drink is a robust brew, sweet, boiled slowly with milk and richly flavoured with spices.

Directions (6oz, 180ml)

Add two parts water (4oz, 120ml) to one part milk (2oz, 60ml) and bring to a boil. Then add 1 tsp of tea and 1 tbsp sugar. Stir and simmer for 2 to 3 minutes, till coppery brown. Strain.


Who said you can never have too much of a good thing? We have a range of gift packs with a selection of three of our very special chai blends. They’re perfect for gifting, even better to greedily hoard for yourself.